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Ministerios Ancla de Amor A.C.

Train up a Child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Cornerstone Ministries - Crystal City Manitoba

Ancla was very excited to welcome Cornerstone Ministries Church from Crystal City Manitoba. Once again we were blessed beyond words by an amazing group of people!

Our original plan was to paint the interior of the house with this group, but wouldn't you know our plans did not line up with what God had in mind. (Again!) God had a different work schedule for this group and He had a list to accomplish.

We as experienced electrician, metal fabricators, farmers, mechanics and seamstresses we were able to take all kinds of jobs that we have been putting off for a long time. In addition to this, we were also able to do a little bit of work in the children home.

Having said all of that, I think that the real reason that God sent this team was to encourage and uplift our staff. This folks did it effortlessly. All of us felt so loved, cared for and blessed by this team. We truly hope that all these people can come back to visit us again.

At Ancla, one of our priorities this year is building relationship with those that are coming here. Many of the folks in this picture are people that we have never met before. They were strangers as the pulled onto the yard, but they left as family. All of us at Ancla can hardly believe how the Holy Spirit worked here this week, these 

strangers left here as family members. It felt as if we have known them forever. We cannot thank The Lord enough for sending you here. Bless you guys!

To give you all a little history here, I want to share with you a little about the divinity of our God! When I, (Brian) was in grade school we spent a number of years living in Crystal City. It is here that I met Derek Friesen. He was my best bud growing up. He has always been a guy that I looked up too, literally. I spent a lot of time on their family farm as a kid, and looking back I wish I had the opportunity to be there more. Derek and I were always up to something on the farm. (like building a raft and rafting in their slew where they pumped all the waste from their dairy barn LOL) I will never forget filling my rubber boots with "water." Anyway, during that time I obviously met his parents Phil and Karen as well as some very special people to me, Harv and Deb Bergen who have always treated me like family. My family moved away and I lost touch with all of these people for almost 20 years. Long story short, Derek and I reconnected and here we are serving The Lord together in Mexico! Had we not lived in Crystal City all those years ago we would never have known these wonderful people. I am in awe once again as to how God has strategically lined up all the details of my life. I am so blessed to be reacquainted with my friend Derek. He has been a huge blessing to me once again. Below is a photo that Derek sent me a few months back. He came across it recently in the elementary school that he and I went too. We found it pretty cool that it is still there today.

Happenings to the New Children Home

"Just so that you know, some of the photos are turned sideways or upside down. The web host will not allow the photos to be rotated due to a technical glitch. One the problem is resolved, all the photos will be rotated into their correct position." 


The Utilities Room

Work Around the Shop

Other Jobs that just needed to get Done!

Taking time for Fun and Relationships too!

Feel free to comment here, share your support with the Cornerstone Ministries Church!