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Ministerios Ancla de Amor A.C.

Train up a Child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Reinland Team 3

January 21, 2018 through February 2, 2018

After a very difficult and stressful week we have the opportunity to start over. We are thankful for that! Last week everything that could go wrong did. All of us at Ancla were pretty discouraged. Everyone put in their best but it seemed nothing could work out as we hoped. The bible teaches us in James 1:1 that we are to be joyful in the midst of trials. That is tough to do at times, and after last week I think that it is time to throw a "Consider it Joy" Fiesta!!! Why not celebrate the amazing work that God is doing here at Ancla by having a party once and awhile!

With a new week upon us the third Reinland Sommerfeld Church group has arrived. It is a new beginning for us with new people. We are so blessed by these people. Many of them are people that we have known for many years and they have been here before, some of them are new friends and we are thankful for the blessing of new relationship.

We are so thankful that God brings people like these to walk along side of and encourage us when we feel a bit down. Every time we host a team we feel that God has hand selected each person to fill a specific need and once again, we know that God sent just the right people. Praise Him!

Wiring Up the house!

This weeks priority is to wire up the house. David Harder is here from Borderview electric in Winkler. He has spent months planning and designing our electrical system and so we were thrilled to hear that he was able to come down here to lead this group for us. All the guys got right to work and after the first day, huge progress has been made! I also feel it is appropriate to say a huge thank you to DA Loewen in Winkler Manitoba. This summer they donated all the wire needed to do this job! What a blessing! If you see Darrel around town, pat him on the back and encourage him. His generosity has blessed us tremendously.

Construction of the Utility Room 

As the construction of the house continues, the construction of the utilities room begins. This room will house all the electrical panels that will supply the ranch. This includes all the electrical panels for the pump as well. In addition to that, we have also made room for the solar system components that we want to install this year. It will be very good to have all of this equipment out of the sun and the dust.

In addition, all of our water storage and filters will be in this room. In the near future we would like to add a purification system so that we can fill our own 5 gallon bottles.  

A little of this, A little of that!

If you know these folks from Reinland and enjoy viewing these pictures, offer them an encouraging word below! Your support is needed!