“ ...Ancla’s goal is not just to care for these children, but to make a difference for good in each of their lives. “

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Greetings from Violeta

During the month we had our last visitors and teams, we were so blessed to have them, and we are very grateful for all the work, service and love they gave to this place, the kids and us too. This month we also witnessed the first sports tournaments that our children had through the school’s sports program.…

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Brian Krahn

About Us


We are Brian and Clarissa Krahn, directors of Ancla de Amor.

We would like to welcome you to Ancla De Amor. Our desire is to show you a glimpse into our life, which has now become our entire world.

Our pursuit is to bring some justice to the precious lives of children that have been either abandoned, neglected or orphaned. Although we live in a constant uphill battle, there’s nowhere else we would rather be.

We are diligently moving forward with faith and passion knowing that the lives of these little ones are being changed and transformed day by day.


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  • This will go to cover day to day expenses at the Ranch, such as Groceries, Fuel, Utiliies, Living Amenities, etc.

  • Our Staff are the life blood of our organization. By donating in honour of them, you keep our staff support system going strong.

  • Join a Team

    Through our anchoring partner Children of Hope you have the opportunity to go on a short term trip to Mexico.

  • Become a major contributor to our building projects and visions of future structures that need help funding.

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