Anchoring Partners
“ ...The wonderful feelings of love and spirituality we felt there were beyond description. “

Thank you to our Anchoring Partners

Without the support from our trusted Partners, we wouldn't be able to continue our mission. Here are the orginizations we would like to mention who help us daily.

Children of Hope

a Non-Profit Christian Organization committed to serving Christ by caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children in Mexico.

Children who come from a background of neglect, abuse, or trauma see little hope. The goal of Children of Hope is as the name suggests – to give children hope. Through caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children, we are able to spark hope. We desire to see freedom from their past life of pain and be transformed into a restored child who sees their life as valuable. Children of Hope works toward this by showing each child that they are loved, supported and that their needs are being met.

Children of Hope desires to be the beginning of a healthy cycle of change. These children grow up in orphanages and are taught to love, care, and build up themselves and others. We believe that through teaching these values to the children, they will carry this on into their future home, work, and community. Our ministries allow children to grow up in a Christian setting to become responsible citizens of their communities.

Hope Thrift Store

A Non-Profit organization that exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet the needs in children and families in Mexico and to be a transforming influence in their lives.

After serving at Ancla De Amor on various short term mission trips a group of people from southern Manitoba felt convicted to find a way to continue to bless Ancla throughout the year. They came together and the vision of a Thrift Store was established. Over the course of time that vision came to reality.

After their first year the store has been a complete success. They support Ancla as well as the different Ministries of Children of Hope. 

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A&B Winstrom Christian Family Foundation

The Mission of A&B Winstrom Christian Family Foundation is to support Christian faith-based programs for youth that demonstrate the love of Christ.

The Vision of A&B Winstrom Christian Family Foundation is that by Christ's love, youth from all walks of life, experience healthy relationships, healthy souls and healthy minds.

The A&B Winstrom Christian Family Foundation have been loyal and committed partners with Ancla. They initially became involved by partnering with Ancla to provide the children the opportunity to participate in sports programs. Over the years the A&B Winstrom Christian Family Foundation has been involved in a variety of projects and programs at Ancla. They have a special passion for education and always look for creative ways to provide quality education for underprivileged children. 

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Love Covers

Love Covers began in 2018 with a vision to support Ancla through profits made from sewing and selling pillow covers in the Pembina Valley of Southern MB.

A love for fun prints and fabrics and a prompting from the Lord. The first pillow cover took an entire day to figure out and put together. The hopes were to make and sell a few hundred, but the Lord has bigger plans. A few years and well over a thousand covers later, Love Covers expanded their products to also include a variety of kitchen linens.

Check out their ministry and products that are handmade with love, on Instagram @lovecovers2022

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